Minister Louis Farrakhan was one of several leading figures banned from Facebook and Instagram over the weekend for spreading “dangerous” hate speech, but he has at least one celebrity on his side.

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In a post on Instagram, Snoop Dogg called Farrakhan is “dear brother” and said he would continue to share the minister’s videos, daring Facebook to ban him as well.

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“How the f**k y’all gonna ban Minister Louis Farrakhan for putting the truth out there?” Snoop said. “I stand with him. I’m with him. Ban me, motherf**ker.”

Farrakhan, a leader of the Nation of Islam, regularly engages in antisemitic and homophobic speech, as well as spreading antisemitic conspiracy theories.

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“If you’re down with it like I’m down with it, post your favourite Mr. Farrakhan videos on your Instagram and Facebook page,” Snoop continued. “Show some love to a real brother.”

Other far-right figures swept up in Facebook’s ban this week include Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer and Milo Yiannopolous.