Watch As ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Contestant Attempts To Break World Record by Balancing 11 Chairs On His Chin

One of the best things about “Britain’s Got Talent” is the wide variety of talent they get on the show. From singing to dancing, magic to juggling, they have seen it all.

Now, Jay Rawlings, 25, auditions for the show with an attempt to break the world record for most amount of chairs balanced on his chin.

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When he started practising the record was in held in the U.K with five. An American man then broke it with nine chairs, so Rawlings attempts to balance 11 chairs.

I’m “bringing [the record] back to the U.K,” he tells the audience and judges made up of Amanda Holden, David Walliams, Alesha Dixon and Simon Cowell.

Rawlings father came out on stage where the two grouped the chairs together so he could balance them for ten seconds in order to break the record.

The chairs had to be “commercially available and adult sized.”

As he balanced the chairs and the time started to count down, Holden whispered, “I can’t watch this.”

Viewers at home were equally impressed.

Rawling dedication paid off as he not only broke the record, he also received four yeses.

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But why read about this, watching the clip above is much more entertaining.

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