Diners at the Skylight Gardens restaurant in Los Angeles got dinner and a show when Stevie Wonder put on an impromptu performance.

Typically, Nelson Cade is booked to provide Friday night’s entertainment but was surprised when Wonder’s bodyguard approached him and asked if the 25-time Grammy winner could join in.

Cade was told by one of the bartenders that Wonder was dining in the restaurant.

“As soon as I was told he came in, I kind of lost all my trains of thought, because what do you play for Stevie Wonder?” he told People.

He wasn’t sure what to play for the artist, but settled on an instrumental version of “Isn’s She Lovely”.

“I didn’t want to sing it because that would be too obvious,” Cade added. “It was supposed to be a tip of the hat kind of gesture… I would’ve been content with him just being in the restaurant!”

Cade caught Wonder’s ear and sent his bodyguard to fetch his amp and a flat stringed instrument from the car.

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In a clip on Cade’s Instagram he wrote, “So when opportunity comes knocking, you do your best to keep it together. He just wanted to play with me, so we played. I played with a legend.” Along with a video where even the diners join in singing John Lennon’s “Imagine”.

Wonder performed with Cade for 35 minutes, including “Superstition” and “My Cherie Amour”.

“After all was said and done, we sat down and had a nice little chat and he shook my hand and said, ‘I can’t wait to hear your EP,’ ” Cade wrote in another post. “I have no words to express how amazing that is. Thank you.”

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