‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Spot A Coffee Cup In A Scene With Daenerys Targaryen — See The Hilarious Tweets And HBO’s Response

“Game of Thrones” fans spotted something rather unusual during the latest episode of the hit show.

Viewers tuned in Sunday night to watch the aftermath of the Battle of Winterfell unfold and they were quick to spot a takeaway coffee cup among the usual candles and goblets.

Once the scene in question aired, it didn’t take long before fans were commenting on the whole thing and sharing hilarious memes.

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Many people asked why bosses hadn’t spotted the cup with so many working on the eagerly anticipated series.

Others compared it to the backlash the show received last week due to the incredibly dark scenes making it hard to see what was happening.

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However, one person insisted: “There’s a Starbucks cup in frame of most TV shows, what’s the big deal people?”

According to The Hollywood Reporter writer Ryan Parker, HBO have now “digitally removed” the error on HBO Go.

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