Jameela Jamil Slams Fashion Designers For Making Their Sample Sizes Too Small, Reveals How A Dress ‘Exploded By Her A**’

Jameela Jamil has slammed fashion designers for making their sample sizes way too unrealistic.

Jamil is not one to hold back on social media and Monday was no different, as she posted a clip of herself ranting about how a dress at a shoot had “exploded” by her a**.

The actress began the clip by saying, “Just had the most amazing time at a photo shoot with a brilliant team, but also, this happened and I wanted to talk about it.”

“Because it happens to me all the time and for so many years I assumed it was MY failure. It isn’t. There is a problem in fashion. And it’s them, not us.”

Jamil continued, “So I just left a high fashion photo shoot and tried on a very expensive designer dress and it exploded at the point of my ass.”

“I mean exploded open, tore the whole thing open, no one else can wear it today. And I’m a size 6.”

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The star went on to say how in this day and age designers should be making clothing for people of different sizes, body shapes and ethnicities.

She continued, “For the dress to be that small for me the size that is a sample size – even in this day and age even with people of varying sizes and people from varying ethnicities which means varying body shapes and with various ages and heights – it’s still a f**king two? That’s still happening?”

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Jamil ended the clip by explaining how the reason she was bringing it up was because she’d seen firsthand how people in the industry would literally starve themselves so they could fit into outfits like that.

She told the camera, “The only people that we see in the magazines are people who are thin enough to get into these samples,” before adding that that’s the reason why people think you have to be that tiny.

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