Adam Sandler Had To ‘Mentally Get Ready’ To Perform The Chris Farley Song

As Adam Sandler took to the “Saturday Night Live” stage to perform his song in dedication to the late Chris Farley, Sandler revealed that he was not emotionally ready for the tribute.

“It was scheduled, but it kind of got sprung on me quick,” Sandler said while on the “Dan Patrick Show”. “I had to mentally get ready because when I was singing the Farley song in the studio in rehearsals, I kept getting really upset because I loved just being in 8H — the studio. It was making me upset.”

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Sandler and Farley were “SNL” castmates for five years and even closer friends off the show.

Sandler took the audience on a trip down memory lane of Farley’s life while a slideshow of the comedian played in the background.

As he reached the line about burying Farley, you can hear the “Grown Ups” actor’s voice crack as he held himself together.

“I couldn’t really sing it out loud. I was kind of mumbling because his image and stuff was making me off and upset,” Sandler said about rehearsals. “I was like, ‘Oh man, I got to prepare for this — for the show — to try not to breakdown.'”

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Sandler added that he didn’t want to let anyone down since “nobody wants to see you cry like an idiot the whole song.” Luckily his wife and kids were in the audience and he could use them as a distraction.

“Then I got on there and strummed the guitar and was just trying to calm down and then they pointed to me. ‘Alright, we’re rolling.’ I said, ‘Okay, let’s do this. Just stay steady,'” he recalled.  “It was really cool.”

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