Internationally renowned DJ Marshmello is being accused of ripping off a remix by successful producer Arty.

The song named in a lawsuit is “Happier”, a collaboration between Marshmello and Bastille. Marshmello is accused of stealing elements of the song, according to The Hollywood Reporter, from Arty’s remix of OneRepublic’s “I Lived”.

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Arty is claiming Marshmello copied the original elements Arty added to his remix of OneRepublic’s song. Arty accused Marshmello of “willfully copying” the “original composition elements” of the remix “note for note.”

Arty is represented by attorney Richard Busch, the lawyer who famously and successfully represented Marvin Gaye’s family in the “Blurred Lines” lawsuit against Robin Thicke and Pharrell.

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Marshmello, Daniel Campbell Smith, Steve Mac, and various music publishing companies have been named in the suit. Marshmello has yet to publicly respond to the allegations.

You can compare Arty’s “I Lived” remix below to Marshmello’s hit song “Happier” above.