If you watched this Sunday’s “Game of Thrones” you may have spotted a Starbucks cup on a table in front of Daenerys Targaryen, well, Stephen Colbert has a good reason why it might have been there.

“A Starbucks in Winterfell? Westeros is gentrifying fast,” the host joked on Monday’s “The Late Show”. “First they force out the undesirable residents, suddenly the Night’s Watch is drinking mochaccinos, next thing you know Castle Black has a Jamba Juice.”

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However, Colbert does not think the latte appearance was a mistake, because “Game of Thrones doesn’t make mistakes… not even Ed Sheeran’s cameo.”

Instead, the host spent all night “pounding espresso” to come up with the perfect theory for why there was a Starbucks cup in Westeros.

“Daenerys is known as the unburnt. Why? Because her coffee beans are always perfectly roasted. And like all Starbucks customers, her name is constantly misspelled, and she’s obsessed with finding a seat.”

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So far so good, but how did the Queen of Dragons get a Starbucks cup from the future?

“Simple. Daenerys has the Infinity Gauntlet… Now you’re thinking, that’s insane, but is it? Or would it make perfect sense if they just produced my screenplay “End Game of Avengers Infinity Thrones: Please Keep These Franchises Going, I Need This!””

“The Late Show” also presented a skit in which Daenerys has trouble with a Winterfell Starbucks barista who struggles to pronounce her name correctly.