Christina Applegate wants people to know she didn’t “turn down” the role of Elle Woods in “Legally Blonde”, she just didn’t feel it was the right career move for her at the time.

Appearing on “Watch What Happens Live” with her close friend and “Dead To Me” co-star Linda Cardellini, the “Bad Moms” actress was asked by a caller if she had any regrets about turning down the role which launched Reese Witherspoon into superstardom.

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“The story’s been out there, but I wasn’t like actually offered [“Legally Blonde”],” she explained. “The script came to me, but at that time I had just gotten off of “Married… with Children,” and I felt like it was too close to what I had just been doing.”

Applegate needed a change after a decade of playing Kelly Bundy in the popular family sitcom and didn’t want to get typecast as the ditzy blonde for the rest of career.

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“So, no, I don’t regret it because Reese Witherspoon did a much better job than I ever could.. and she has now way more money than I do and way more success. And so why would I even regret that?” she joked.

“But you could have worked with me,” interrupted Cardellini, who starred as Chutney Windham in the hit 2001 comedy. “S**t!” Applegate responded, “…but I would have just been like ‘boooo!'”

The “Anchorman” star also clarified what she meant when she recently referred to herself as a “jerk” on RuPaul’s podcast. “I didn’t mean a jerk as a person, I think I was a jerk towards what all of this meant,” she said, pointing at Andy Cohen’s studio.

“Like, they wanted me to go on this thing or this thing, and I was like, ‘I don’t do that kind of stuff. I want to do independent films.'”

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Despite her attitude to the business, Applegate said she was always respectful to her co-workers. “I was always told that you have to be professional and kind and loving to everyone that’s around you and that everyone’s working harder than you are. And so I’ve always kept that as part of my work ethic.”

Applegate and Cardellini currently star in the comedy-drama “Dead To Me” which is now streaming on Netflix.