The last time Diane Keaton appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, she made a big impression on the host — and viewers — when she laid a big, romantic kiss on Jimmy Kimmel while recreating a scene from her film “Book Club”.

Nearly a year later, Keaton returned to the show on Monday night, admitting, “I’m really anxious.”

Chatting with Kimmel about their on-air kiss, Keaton offered a revelation. “In the ensuing year that’s passed,” she divulged, “nobody’s kissed me that’s a male person.”

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Keaton then asked Kimmel if she would do her “a favour,” requesting he stand up because she has “a new way, a new approach so that some men will give me some kisses.”

As Keaton explained, “I’m going to try two different things on your face,” with the first approach consisting of moving in close to Kimmel and stroking his beard stubble, cooing, “Oh, so gentle.”

While that strategy yielded more giggles from the pair than romance, she then offered up her second approach. “Now I’m going to be more aggressive,” she said before faux-angrily declaring, “Jimmy! I’m sick of this s**t! You get over here!”

She then grabbed him by the back of the neck and planted a big kiss on him as the studio audience cheered her on.

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To put it all in context, check out Keaton’s earlier Kimmel kiss: