George Clooney Says Royal Baby Sussex ‘Stole His Thunder’, Delivers PSA To Donald Trump On ‘Kimmel’

George Clooney is not happy that his birthday got usurped by the birth of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal baby.

“That kid stole my thunder,” the actor joked on Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”. Clooney turned 58 on Monday, the same day the Duchess of Sussex gave birth.

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When Kimmel asked the “Gravity” star if he would consider being the child’s god father, as has been rumoured, he had a blunt answer. “That would be a bad idea,” he said. “I’m the father of twins, and I can barely do that.”

“I should not be anyone’s god father!” he added.

Clooney shared similar sentiments with ET at the premiere of his upcoming Hulu dramedy “Catch-22”, saying that he’s too old to be giving advice to the royal couple.

“I don’t give advice, I’m 58,” he said. “At 58, you just go, ‘Ugggh.’ I just walk with a walker everywhere I go.”

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While Clooney may be too old to give parenting advice, he certainly shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to fighting for the causes he believes in.

In particular, the award-winning director is lending his support to raise awareness of climate change, and while on “Kimmel!”, he delivered a PSA to Donald Trump and those suffering from “dumbf**kery.”

“Dumbfuckery is highly contagious, affecting the minds of even the most stable geniuses,” he joked as he threw to a clip of the U.S. President.

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