Rhea Perlman has responded to Anjelica Huston’s “vendetta” against her new movie “Poms”, calling her comments “cruel” and “mean.”

The Emmy-winning actress stopped by SiriusXM on Wednesday where host Jessica Shaw asked her what she thought about the “Addams Family” star referring to Perlman’s new film as a “humiliating… old-lady cheerleader movie.”

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“No one asked her that question [what she thought of the movie],” Perlman stated. “Why anybody would ever rag on something… like, if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.”

“Why would you bring that up?” she continued. “It was very odd. It’s like she had some vendetta or… I dunno, it felt cruel and mean.”

Huston made the comments in an interview with Vulture when she was asked about her method for choosing roles. “Quite honestly, I’m looking for movies that impress me in some way,” she said, “that aren’t apologetically humble or humiliating like, ‘Band of cheerleaders gets back together for one last hurrah’.”

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The “Transparent” actress was referencing Zara Hayes’s upcoming comedy, “Poms”, which stars Diane Keaton, Jackie Weaver, Pam Grier, and Perlman as retired women who decide to start a cheerleading squad.

“An old-lady cheerleader movie,” Huston added, “I don’t like that kind of thing. If I’m going to be an old lady — and I’m sort of touching old lady these days — at least I want to be a special old lady. I don’t want to be relegated to some has-been making a comeback. I hate comebacks.”

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Perlman revealed that she was supposed to be on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” with Huston but the film’s distributing company cancelled her appearance following the Vulture interview.

“Instead I did [the show] with Whoopi [Goldberg],” she said. “I love Whoopi!”

Meanwhile, fellow “Poms” star Weaver told Vanity Fair that Huston can “go f**k herself” for her “petty” comments.