Chelsea Handler is no stranger to marijuana, but getting a marijuana facial may have been a step too far.

The comedian and author of the new book Life Will Be The Death of Me: … And You Too! appeared on “The Late Late Show” on Tuesday night and talked about accidentally getting a weed-infused facial.

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“The facial was an accident because she put it on my face just assuming that I’d be into it, it was like 11 in the morning, and I went home and was like I have to lie down – I don’t take naps,” Handler told host James Corden.

“And then I woke up and was like I got to go back to bed,” she continued. “I wasn’t right for three days, there’s something about putting it in your pores that I don’t recommend it to people. It’s a different bodily reaction, it takes over.”

Also on the interview couch with Handler was actress Ginnifer Goodwin, who shared the hilarious story of the time she took a clown class in theatre school in the U.K.

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“They’re very serious about their funny,” Goodwin recalled. “I was told I was the worst clown he had ever seen.”

Goodwin was apparently so bad at clowning that she ended up flunking the class.