The Final Four Becomes The Final Three In A Special ‘Big Brother Canada’ Eviction

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched tonight’s episode of “Big Brother Canada” on Global, then STOP READING NOW! Spoilers lie ahead….














Just one night away from the “BBCan” finale, Kyra Shenker survives their third eviction vote, and Adam Pike sees his game come to an end at the hands of his two closest allies.

It’s almost poetic that it was Anthony Douglas who cast the sole vote to eliminate Adam. The two Pretty Boys often butted heads on decision-making and toyed with targeting each other throughout the season, but ultimately they put the alliance above their petty differences. However, in hindsight, you have to wonder whether Adam was perhaps too loyal to the Boys.

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The 27-year-old Oil field worker has been a competition beast from week one, and with three Head of Household reigns under his belt, he had plenty of opportunities to take a hit at the Pretty Boys. While Adam did use his Secret Assassin power to oust Anthony’s ally, Cory Kennedy, he never once seriously considered turning on the core alliance, to his own detriment.

Adam’s competition strength made him a valuable asset to the Pretty Boys, but it also painted him as a massive threat come the endgame. Anthony and the current HOH, Dane Rupert, while appreciative of Adam’s contributions to the group, knew that the Newfoundland native was fully capable of dominating the final HOH comp and earning a spot in the final two.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

Over the weeks, Adam, along with his fellow Pretty Boys, has lied to the rest of the housemates with false promises and fake deals. It’s fitting that the last two evictions have seen the PBs using these trademark lies on each other, first with the Mark Drelich blindside, and now Adam, who throughout the week was assured by both Anthony and Dane that the plan was still to go to the final three together.

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In tonight’s episode, the only way Adam can guarantee his safety is to win the Power of Veto, something he has done four times already this season. Statistically, he is the odds on favourite to win and pull himself off the block, thereby sentencing Anthony to his first trip to the nomination chairs, a fate the Gas inspector is deadset on avoiding.

The Veto comp is an epic arcade game contraption which sees the players moving through various platforms to locate photos of former houseguests who correspond to a series of questions. Kyra has a colossal meltdown when they’re unable to find one of the rooms, and Anthony gets so flustered that he isn’t even able to finish within the time limit.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

As has often been the case, the battle comes down to Adam and Dane, who between them have won 12 competitions this season. Only four minutes separates the two men, but a missing question card causes Adam to lose that valuable time, costing him the win and giving Dane all the power in the house, well, all the power except for the eviction vote, which is entirely in Anthony’s hands.

Adam senses that he might be the target, but Anthony and Dane continue to assure him that it’s Pretty Boys to the end, talking up how legendary their alliance will become in the annals of “BBCan” history. “Every time there’s been great people together, they always backstab each other,” Adam says, hoping this time will be different. It isn’t until Arisa Cox springs the surprise eviction on the house that the truth finally comes out.

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In another emotionally tense conversation, Anthony and Dane call Adam one of the “greatest ever to play this game” but admit they have no chance of beating him in the end. A heartbroken Adam tells the Boys that he’d never have turned on them if he was in their position, and based on what we’ve seen, he was probably telling the truth.

However, the nicknamed “Marine” refuses to lie down and die, and he makes one final pitch to Anthony, both before the vote and during his eviction speech. He tells the Papi of the Pretty Boys that Dane will end up taking Kyra to the final two if he wins the Final HOH. On the flipside, he argues that neither he nor Dane would take each other, meaning that if Adam stays, Anthony is guaranteed final two no matter what.

It’s a solid pitch, and it does seem like Anthony at least considers it, but ultimately he makes the decision to slay the comp beast. In a tearful vote-off, Anthony hypes up Adam once again as a “legend” of the game and promises him that they’ll be brothers for life. Adam leaves the game with his head held high, and while the betrayal clearly hurts him, he exits on a positive note, wishing the best to the remaining three.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

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“I did not think the Boys were gonna backstab me like that,” Adam tells Arisa in his exit interview. “I had a gut feeling, but I didn’t wanna believe it was true.” He also admits to feeling most betrayed by Anthony and thinks he’ll come to regret his decision when Dane winds up winning the Final HOH and taking Kyra to the end.

Now we have our final three. Anthony, who used his powers of manipulation to control almost every vote of the season, making sure that he’s never touched the block in the process. Dane, a comp dominator, who used his goofy personality to mask a cunning strategic game. And Kyra, a perpetual underdog who has survived multiple evictions and could potentially pull off the biggest “BBCan” miracle ever.

It all comes to an end tomorrow night on Global!

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