George Clooney discusses everything from Jennifer Aniston to the Sultan of Brunei’s anti-LGBTQ laws during an appearance on Thursday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

Clooney, who has been busy promoting his new show “Catch-22”, reveals why he’s continuing to encourage a boycott against companies who conduct business with the Sultan of Brunei. It was recently announced that the country would not subject gay people to the death penalty after global backlash to the laws.

The actor admits, “[Boycotting hotels] doesn’t matter so much to a rich guy. You can’t shame the bad guys, but you can shame the people that do business with him.

“When the banks and the financial insitutions started saying ‘We’re out of the Brunei business,’ then he backed off.

“It’s not fixed yet, there’s a lot of work to be done. But it’s a huge step forward.”

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Clooney’s interview also sees him call DeGeneres a “quitter” for leaving Jennifer Aniston’s recent birthday party at 8 p.m. (even though the talk-show host insists it was more like 11 p.m.)

Clooney jokes, “You can tell all your friends here how cool you are, you left at 11. She left at 8!”

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The duo then make a surprise visit to Clooney’s old office on the Warner Bros. lot.

See more in the clip below.