Fired DJ Apologizes For Racist Tweet Comparing Royal Baby To A Chimpanzee

A BBC DJ was fired Thursday after tweeting out a joke about the royal baby that many saw as racist.

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According to Time, Danny Baker had tweeted a photo of a couple holding hands with a chimpanzee dressing in clothes, with the caption, “Royal baby leaves hospital.” He later deleted the tweet, calling it an “enormous mistake.”

On Thursday, Baker tweeted again, revealing that he had been fired for posting the image, with BBC Radio 5 Live controller Jonathan Wall confirming the DJ “will no longer be presenting his weekly show for us,” and adding that he had “made a serious error of judgment on social media.”

On Friday, Baker took to Twitter once again to offer an apology and a lengthy explanation of his thinking behind the joke, insisting he did not intend it to be racist, adding, “I am not feeling sorry for myself. I f**ked up.”

Metro reported Thursday that soon after being fired, Baker spoke on British call-in radio show “LBC” about the incident.

He described the firing: “I was given a lecture which I have to say I terminated after about 30 seconds with words I’ll leave you to fill in. I get that. I get the position I’m in now.”

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Baker also defended himself, explaining the photo was “an old trope of mine, I used to do it on the radio, is monkeys dressed as famous people plus fairground music.

“Look, I put out this gag, it could have been any posh people – even my own grandkids, I think I would have stuck a photo out of them leaving the hospital,” he continued. “And people get in touch and people say ‘you know there’s a race thing in this?’ So I take it down. You’re in the barrel.”

He added, “The BBC then decided it was going to throw us under the bus and that stings. It was a tremendously weasly thing to do.”


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