Rebel Wilson Talks Touching Anne Hathaway’s Breast And Tom Hardy’s Butt

Rebel Wilson got up to some inappropriate touching on her new movie.

The star of “The Hustle” was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Wednesday and talked about a scene in which her character pretends to be blind in order to pull off a con.

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As part of the scene, Wilson ad libbed a bit by groping co-star Anne Hathaway’s breast and then calling her “Sir.”

“Like, I should have told her about it,” Rebel admitted. “‘Cause there’s a thing, actors etiquette. If you have to kiss somebody, you have a breath mint and you don’t eat fish for lunch, that kind of thing. And if you’re going to touch somebody inappropriately, you have to tell them before the take and say, ‘Is it alright if I do this to you?'”

But then Wilson revealed that wasn’t the first time she surprised a co-star with some inappropriate touching, only that time it was an instruction from her director on the film “This Means War”.

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“My first day on set, the director said, ‘When you enter the scene, I want you to just stick your finger up Tom Hardy’s butt. Just like really — just surprise him,'” Wilson recalled.

“I just did it. He gave a really realistic shocked expression. And then he didn’t talk to me,” she laughed, adding, “He was wearing pants, so I couldn’t go all the way up.”

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