Kacey Musgraves Takes Viewers On A Trip In Psychedelic ‘Oh, What A World’ Music Video

Kacey Musgraves’ new music video for “Oh, What a World” is an out of body experience.

The country singer takes viewers on a psychedelic trip in her latest visuals released Wednesday evening.

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Musgraves, 30, has openly discussed dropping acid to help write “Slow Burn”. It seems as if some of those trippy experiences have worked their way into the music video for “Oh, What a World”. Both songs are featured on her Grammy-winning album Golden Hour.

The new vid features just about everything one would imagine could happen in an over-the-top psychedelic trip. There is a cotton candy galaxy, neon jellyfish, a male mermaid, a banjo-picking frog and more.

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The peak of the music video is arguably when Musgraves morphs into a topless pink centaur.

Musgraves is currently travelling the world on her “Oh, What A World Tour”. Her next show is in Melbourne on May 14.

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