Maya Rudolph And Jimmy Fallon Improvise Bands Like ‘Coco Leather’ And ‘Salsa Pong’ On ‘Tonight Show’

Maya Rudolph and Jimmy Fallon are about to hit the charts with bands like Coco Leather and Salsa Pong

Next time you need a name for your band, consider having Rudolph and Fallon shout words into the ether. The two played a new game called “Build a Band” on Wednesday that was equal parts amusing and impressive.

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The two comedians were tasked with not only improvising band names, but also hit songs for those band names to perform live on “The Tonight Show”. Rudolph and Fallon each yelled out one word at random which would comprise the band and song names.

Their first band was “Coco Leather” and their hit song was “Tiger Conch”. The song was reminiscent of something the Pet Shop Boys would come up with and the Roots were present to tie the whole thing together. Next, their Latin band “Salsa Pong” performed an absurd song called “Get Drifter”.

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Rudolph, 46, also shared a touching story about seeing Beyoncé live with Rudolph’s 9-year-old daughter, Lucille, at Coachella last year. “I saw Beychella… I saw it both weekends,” she said. “It was the craziest thing… it changed my life.”

“We all witnessed something that had never been done, that was made with love, that was made with beauty, that was made with pride. It was a nod to Historical Black Colleges and Universities,” she continued. “Lucy was up on somebody’s shoulders crying and she was like, ‘Do you think Beyoncé can see me?’ We were all moved.”

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