Kristen Stewart is in Cannes to promote not one, but two movies. After starring in Woody Allen’s festival opener, “Cafe Society”;, the actress is now trading the glamour of 1930s Hollywood for a ghost story set in the underworld of the Paris fashion scene in “Personal Shopper”;.

The ghostly story has Stewart thinking about unseen energy and spirits. “Do I believe in ghosts? I don’t know, I guess I believe in something,”; she said during the film’s press conference reports The Hollywood Reporter. “I’m really sensitive to energies and I truly believe I’m driven by something that I can’t really define. It gives me a feeling that we are not so alone.”;

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The 26-year-old actress acknowledged her “Twilight”; past when asked if she prefers ghosts or vampires. “Ghosts,”; she said quickly, with a smile. “It’s a ghost story, sure, but the supernatural aspects of it just leads you to very basic questions.”;

Watch the newly released trailer for “Personal Shopper”; below.

“Personal Shopper”; marks the second pairing of Stewart with French director Olivier Assayas. It was for Assasyas’ 2014 film, “The Clouds Of Sils Maria”;, that Stewart won the Cesar (France’s version of the Academy Award), becoming the first American actress to do so.

On her on-set relationship with Assayas: “We don’t talk to each other a whole lot. He never answers my questions. There is a communication that is undeniable. There is a flame he lights under my ass that is stronger than I have ever felt.”;

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Communication plays a part in the film which sees Stewart’s character, Maureen, texting with a ghost. For the actress, it’s not the otherworldly aspects that cause her concern, but the distractions of technology. “I’ve been thinking about distractions a lot lately,”; she said. “I’m absolutely guilty of constant stimuli that [aren’t] actually stimulating at all. It definitely says a lot about how we interact with each other and technology. And it’s truly terrifying.”;

The film was met with mixed reaction following the Cannes premiere, including reports of booing by audience members. Stewart attempted to set the record straight at the press conference. “Everybody did not boo,”; the actress said. “Let’s be clear.”;