Zendaya Wants To Play Black Activist Angela Davis In A Movie

Zendaya would not describe herself as an activist, but she would sure like to play one on the big screen.

The dynamic entertainer covers Vogue‘s June 2019 issue and discusses being labelled as an activist.

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Zendaya. Photo: Tyler Mitchell/Vogue
Zendaya. Photo: Tyler Mitchell/Vogue

“It’s nice, but I’m not,” she tells the publication. “What I’d really like is to reach out to my peers in the Bay Area. Like, there are kids I was in elementary school with, who are out there doing the work. Organizing. Maybe they can help me figure out what to do.”

“I definitely want more work by young black artists,” she continued. “And I wouldn’t mind playing Angela Davis in a movie one day.”

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Zendaya. Photo: Tyler Mitchell/Vogue
Zendaya. Photo: Tyler Mitchell/Vogue

Fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger praised Zendaya’s commitment to social justice. “There are so many celebrities with big social-media followings, but are they going to make a difference in society?” he asked. “Right from our first conversations, it was clear she intends to use her celebrity to fight for change. She’s got the heart of an activist.”

Vogue‘s June 2019 issue is available on newsstands May 21.



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