Queen Guitarist Brian May Is A Hero To Thousands Of Injured Hedgehogs

Queen’s Brian May has been a guitar hero for decades, but the iconic rock musician is also a hero to thousands of endangered hedgehogs living in the conservation centre he founded on his estate in Britain.

Speaking with British TV documentary “Saving Britain’s Hedgehogs”, reports People, the 71-year-old musician discusses the conservation work carried out at the Amazing Grace hedgehog rescue centre located on the grounds of his estate in Surrey, England, where sick or injured hedgehogs are rehabilitated and then released back into the wild.

“It does feel great,” says May. “The actual hands-on thing of saving animals is so rewarding and so inspiring. It’s brought me all kinds of wonderful joys that I never even dreamed of. To see these animals come in hurt, poisoned, dehydrated and see them taken care of and then let out for another chance in the wild, to me it’s one of the greatest joys that’s ever come into my life.”

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In the three years since May and Amazing Grace co-founder launched the centre, thousands of hedgehogs have been successfully reintegrated into the wild.

For the animals, a favourite spot is a patch of garden filled with insect-attracting plants that May dubbed “Hedgehog Heaven,” where they can root around in the dirt and rediscover their natural instincts.

“It’s a paradise for hedgehogs,” May says in the show. “It’s their intermediate home. They’ll learn to forage and look after themselves and they’ll be back out in the wild — because they are wild animals.”

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Prior to the show’s airing on U.K. television, May shared a few teases on social media.

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