Britney Spears Makes Court Appearance As Parents Battle Over Conservatorship

Britney Spears appeared in court on Friday during the heated legal battle between her parents over the singer’s conservatorship.

A report from TMZ states that the 37-year-old “Toxic” singer’s mother, Lynne Spears, is attempting to gain access to her daughter’s medical information.

As ET reports, Britney entered the courtroom with her mother in a closed hearing (Lynne’s attorney asked the court that the hearing “be closed to the public because of the private nature of information that will be discussed,” with the judge granting the request.

A source tells ET that Britney sat next to her mother inside the courtroom, and looked “comfortable.”

While the singer’s father, Jamie Spears, has been Britney’s sole conservator for more than a decade, TMZ says a source tells the site that “Lynne does not want to become a co-conservator, which creates a weird legal argument,” in that she would potentially have access to her daughter’s medical information, but would have “no right to act on it.”

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According to TMZ, Lynne has been staying at her daughter’s home for more than a week. The two had reportedly been estranged for nearly 15 years, with TMZ claiming that “Britney cut Lynne out of her life right after her breakup with Justin Timberlake.” Over the past few months, however, Lynne has made an apparently successful attempt to mend the rift.

Lynne reportedly became concerned when she read social media reports claiming that Jamie had allegedly forced Britney into the mental health facility where she stayed for 30 days, and that he ordered doctors to give her specific drugs (Jamie, TMZ adds, allegedly doesn’t have the authority to do either).

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“Britney, we’re told, will side with her mom in court, for obvious reasons,” TMZ adds. “Jamie has imposed certain restrictions to keep her and her family safe, and Britney wants freedom… it’s what happens in most conservatorships. She’s banking on Lynne easing the restrictions.”

Meanwhile, TMZ reports that “Britney is not doing well,” as the medication that stabilized her for several years is no longer working, and doctors are still trying to determine the right combination of meds. “Multiple sources have told us she did not come out of the mental health facility in great shape and her judgment is impaired,” TMZ adds.

“Britney wants privacy, but knows she needs to do what’s best for her treatment,” a source tells ET. “[Her previous] frozen yogurt outing in Santa Monica was planned because the doctors and those closest to her are trying to encourage her to do some routine things she enjoys in order to help her get balanced and back to normal life again.”

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