Stephen Colbert And Bryan Cranston Take 400 People On An Adventure Through Times Square

As Bryan Cranston stopped in on “The Late Show”, he invited the entire studio audience of Stephen Colbert’s show to come and see his play “Network”.

As it was a short distance away, Cranston and Colbert took the entire 400 member audience on a walk through Times Square to get the theatre where the “Breaking Bad” star would be performing.

Since the play would be starting shortly, Cranston had to do his vocal exercises on the way.

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“I did crime in ’95 and that old fisherman did not survive,” the late night talk show host rehearsed.

Police accompanied the audience as they took up the entire street. Any Time’s Square trip would not be complete with a stop at Junior’s for “one large cheesecake and 400 forks.”

The girl working the counter followed through with the order and surprised the two stars with a box with a massive box of forks.

Next up was M&M’s World where they brought a ginormous bag of yellow M&M’s for the audience to share.

Finally, the large group reached Time’s Square as Colbert remembered how unsafe the now tourist attraction was in the past. “One generation has gone from porno to Elmo, still no pants.”

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Of course, the two had to pose for at least one character picture where they then convinced the Stormer Trooper to join them at the play.

Alas, they finally reach the theatre. “Where are you going?” enquires Cranston as Colbert tries to enter the theatre with him.

“I think there has been some miscommunication, I invited your audience.”

Colbert is offered standing room only but walks away with his head down instead.


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