John Oliver Brings Bill Nye Out To Explain The Dangers Of Climate Change

John Oliver is taking aim at the lack of serious response to the threat of climate change.

On Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight” the host did a segment on the recent United Nations report stating that the world could see irreversible changes as early as 2040 if action on carbon emissions is not taken soon.

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“That’s just 21 years from now,” Oliver said. “By that point, Finn Wolfhard will only be 37, Ariana Grande will only be 46, and Lou Dobbs will only be dead for 30 years.”

Oliver also praised U.S. Member of Congress Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal proposal for its clear and simple goals to help combat climate change.

“The whole Green New Deal is just 40 pages long,” the host pointed out. “That is seven pages shorter than the menu for The Cheesecake Factory.”

The subject soon turned to the issue of carbon pricing and the proposal to put taxes on the release of carbon emissions, and Oliver brought out Bill Nye the Science Guy to explain.

“When something costs more, people release less of it,” Nye said pointing to the success of carbon taxation in the UK, which brought emissions down to their lowest levels since the 1800s, “before Mary Poppins danced with Burt the chimney sweep.”

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Nye also had a blunt message for the audience to get the point across.

“You’re adults now, and this is an actual crisis,” Nye said, lighting a globe on fire. “Safety glasses off motherf**ers.”


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