Perhaps it has to do with all that early-morning wine drinking, but Seth Rogen had some fun at the expense of “Today”; co-host Kathie Lee Gifford when the word “escrow”; came up during a discussion of his new film “Neighbors 2″.

While Rogen and co-host Hoda Kotb made escrow jokes, Gifford was clueless as to its meaning.

“It is only a California thing, isn’t it?” asked Gifford, to which Rogen responded, “Do they not have escrow here?”;

“Yeah, they do,”; replied Kotb. Gifford’s response: “They do?”;

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This seriously tickled Rogen, with the Vancouver-born funnyman quipping: “They have escrow! You’re not paying attention to your real estate, Kathie Lee. They have escrow all over America.”;


Gifford, however, insisted that the term is “called something different outside of California, but Rogen corrected her. “I don’t think it is! Kathie Lee doesn’t know what escrow is!”;

In fact, Rogen went on to define escrow for her. “It’s a time in which – pay attention Kathie – buyers are able to pull out of a purchase, even though all the paperwork is done, should something become undesirable about the situation.”;

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After the actor’s explanation, Gifford argued Rogen only knew the term because “he lives in California,” but the actor shot back, “No, it’s because I read my paperwork and I’m aware of what’s happening.”;

Added a clearly amused Rogen: “You’re so mad at me right now.”;

“I really am!”; Gifford replied. “Of all the real estate deals I’ve done over the past 40 years, not once was the word escrow used!”;