Joe Mantegna is happy with all he has accomplished on “Criminal Minds”.

The actor, who plays David Rossi on the hit crime drama, is opening up about his time on the series. The cast just wrapped filming the last ten episodes of the 15th and final season that will air during the 2019-2020 TV run.

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“I can’t help but reflect in awe at what a truly wonderful experience it has been,” Mantegna tweeted on Monday. “I was welcomed by the cast and crew instantly, making me feel part of the team. The next 12 years would be a wild and wonderful ride. Yes, I will miss playing David Rossi, and I’ll miss the wonderful writing that brought him to life, but mostly I will miss seeing my fellow castmates and our fantastic crew every day.”

“In 15 seasons we’ve all grown a little older, hopefully, a little wiser too. We laughed together, we cried together, and like a family, we gained and lost members along the way,” he continued. “Some of our family went on to other shows and jobs, and sadly, some we lost too soon to the heavens.”

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Mantegna is not the only “Criminal Minds” star to celebrate a culmination of a phenomenal television run. Actors Aisha Tyler, Paget Brewster, A.J. Cook and Daniel Henney all took to social media.

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New week, new things! Last Friday was my last day taping the last episode of @crimmindscbs. This weekend the entire cast and crew danced and toasted and laughed and celebrated 15 seasons of a powerhouse show made incredible every day via the hard work of an incredible creative family. We danced until the lights came on and then we danced some more. (@kirstenvangsness has some good photos in her story). In honor of such a magnificent end to a truly magnificent thing, I got myself a little wrap present, courtesy of the LEGENDARY @markmahoney_ssc at @shamrocksocialclub. What an honor to get inked by the king! 👑(@crimmindscbs fans can spot him in the last episode of CM I directed — “Broken Wing” (1409) — where I asked him to play… wait for it… a super cool tattoo artist 🖤 He nailed it.). My mom was there and took these pictures. It was a special day on a special weekend. This little baby reminds me to always be ready for life. To stay loaded for LIFE, because it doesn’t start tomorrow, or someday, or after you’ve lost five pounds or gotten a new outfit or a new lover or a new apartment or somehow made yourself into some idea of perfection. (And it‘s a metaphorical gun not a real one so save the judgmental comments; this gun only fires free hugs). Life is now. Happening all around you. In the little joys and the big triumphs. In the bittersweet farewells and the exciting new friendships. In life-changing experiences you’ve had, and new adventures that await. Be open. Be present. Be ready. #soitpret #mesnouvelles #wheelsup

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There is no confirmed premiere date for the final season of “Criminal Minds”.