The penultimate episode of “Game of Thrones”, which aired on Sunday night, has been hotly debated online, but “The Simpsons” saw it coming years ago.




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In the episode “The Bells”, Daenerys Targaryen mounts her dragon-led attack on the capital King’s Landing. But in a huge, shocking twist, after the city surrenders, Dany decides to burn the city down anyway, murdering innocent men, women and children.

And while many were surprised by Dany’s move, the writers of “The Simpsons” essentially predicted it in an episode from 2017 titled “The Serfsons”.

In the medieval fantasy-set episode, Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa are seen atop a castle overlooking their village being burned indiscriminately by a dragon.

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Fans of the two shows online were in awe of “The Simpsons” predicting the future once again.

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