The Northern Pikes Release First Single In 16 Years, ‘King In His Castle’

The Northern Pikes are back.

The Canadian rock band released “King in his Castle” on Monday, the band’s first single in 16 years! “King in his Castle” is the lead single from the band’s impending seventh studio album Forest of Love.

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Original members Jay Semko, Don Schmid and Bryan Potvin return with new member Kevin Kane from The Grapes Of Wrath. “It’s amazing how some things in life come full circle,” Schmid said per a press release. “Hopefully we can keep on rockin’ and continue to record new music for many years to come.”

“I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished so far, and I’m increasingly proud of the fact that we’re still eager,” added guitarist Bryan Potvin. “There’s a youthful earnestness about what we’re doing right now.”

“The band in many ways sounds better than it ever has,” bass player Jay Semko shared. “I just feel there’s a solidity in the songs that we’re playing, I feel like there’s new life to some of the ones we have played forever. It’s the old-fashioned work ethic, dig in, work at it, rehearse, and when you play, come prepared.”

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Forest of Love drops June 7 through Universal Music Canada. The band will support the album with a nation-wide tour starting in White Rock, BC on June 6 and concludes in Toronto on Nov. 2. Take a look at the full track list below.

  1. “King In His Castle”
  2. “Canada Boy”
  3. “Julianna”
  4. “Elephant Who Lives Here”
  5. “Will Over Will”
  6. “Draw From The Deck”
  7. “Forest Of Love”
  8. “Faith Of A Fool”
  9. “Mr Unhappy”
  10. “Don’t You Give Up”
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