According to IMDb, Dennis Quaid has appeared in a whopping 99 films and TV series.

The star of “The Intruder” is on the new episode of “The IMDb Show” chatting about his new film and some of his biggest roles from the past.

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In 1994, Quaid starred in “Wyatt Earp”, for which he lost 42-pounds to play tuberculosis-ridden Doc Holliday in the film.

“It took me about 4-and-a-half months, and they we did the film, and oh man, I had to stay there for another 5 months,” Quaid says of losing all that weight for the shoot. “I was not a lot of fun to be around.”

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The 65-year-old also talks about his experience working on “The Parent Trap” with Lindsay Lohan, who played twins..

“Lindsay Lohan was 11 when she started filming,” Quaid says. “She had me believing she was two different kids.”