Samantha Bee was well aware Comedy Central was not interested in having her take over for Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show”, but it still hurts.

The “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” host opened up to The Daily Beast‘s “The Last Laugh” podcast. “I was wildly unsurprised,” Bee said of Comedy Central’s interest in her. “They didn’t ask me or talk to me about it. I mean, literally, no one called or even emailed from the network — at all.”

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“It was awful. It was really awful,” she continued. “I mean, eventually they spoke to me, but I want to say it was a full month or six weeks after Jon had announced that he was leaving. I was never in contention and I very much knew that. I don’t know that people in the outside world knew how much I was not being considered for the job.”

Bee and her husband Jason Jones, another correspondent on “The Daily Show”, had just wrapped up a pilot for “The Detour” when Stewart announced he was leaving “The Daily Show”.

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“We were just at that crossroads where we were like, we know there’s nothing more that we need to accomplish at this place,” Bee shared. “So we decided to leave for sure in that moment. As soon as he was stepping down we knew that we were going to leave.”

It all worked out in the end for Bee. TBS picked up “The Detour” and gave the comedian her own talk show. “Full Frontal” has thus far aired 114 episodes across four seasons.