It’s been over 20 years since Leslie Mann starred in “George of the Jungle” alongside Brendan Fraser, but she’s still got a soft spot for him.

Mann appeared on Wednesday’s “Busy Tonight”, where host Busy Philipps surprised the actress with a little reunion.

Mann had been chatting about being in love with Fraser in real-life when he walked onto the set with a bunch of flowers.

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The “Knocked Up” favourite gushed, “I was supposed to fall in love with him and so I just fell in love with him in real life.”

“I was like, Judd [Apatow, her husband], ‘I love Brendan.’ And he was like, ‘I know. Stop it,'” she added.

Fraser also revealed one moment where he and Mann were enjoying some kind of mud bath together during filming when he noticed a man staring at them through the bushes.

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The actor explained, “While we were there, I look up and I could see through the greens in the bushes and there’s this guy there.”

“I know that look. I know men. I didn’t know who it was. And then ‘40-Year-Old Virgin’ came out and suddenly I realized that was Judd Apatow.”

Mann and Apatow tied the knot in 1997, about a month before “George of the Jungle” hit theatres.