Diablo Cody would never have made the film “Juno” today.

“I don’t even know if I would’ve written a movie like ‘Juno’ if I had known that the world was going to spiral into this hellish alternate reality that we now seem to be stuck in,” she told the “Keep It” podcast.

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Cody told hosts Ira Madison, Louis Virtel, and Kara Brown she could not keep the “horrifying” anti-abortion laws out of her mind. “It’s something that I’ve been thinking about continuously.”

“It just, it sucks so f**king bad,” she exclaimed. “And I’m pleased – it’s so weird, you know, I’m not on Twitter, I quit a couple of years ago… but it’s been heartening to at least, to observe that people are fired up about it. I wish more guys were.”

The writer’s 2007 film “Juno” was inspired by many of her own high school experiences. It earned her the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay – plus Best Picture, Best Director (Jason Reitman) and Best Actress (Ellen Page).

“I have to admit, like, when I wrote it, I wasn’t, first of all, I didn’t think that it would ever be a film, I didn’t think it would ever get made,” she shared. “Secondly, I wasn’t thinking as an activist, I wasn’t thinking politically at all.

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“The most horrifying thing that came out of [writing ‘Juno’] was me getting a letter from my Catholic High School thanking me for writing a pro-life movie,” Cody revealed. “And I was like, I f**king hate all of you and I’m as pro-choice as a person could possibly be.”

Cody is currently working on a number of projects. Her movie “Time and a Half” will star Julianne Hough, while the pilots for “Alex + Amy” and “Prodigy” have been picked up by ABC and Fox respectively.