Of all the songs in all the land, Selena Gomez decided to post a choreographed dance video to the tune of “Your boyfriend is a d*****bag.”; The Spring Breakers star and her friends, including Secret Life of the American Teenager actress Francia Raisa, got together to perform Everybody Knows by Dustin Tavella, but is this performance aimed at anyone in particular? For instance, Gomez’s ex Justin Bieber.

With her hoodie low, Gomez, 20, mouths the “d*****bag”; chorus while dancing to other lyrics that read: “You know he’s got somebody on the side, girl, and the way he talks to us is a sin. He just keep sinnin’ on. I really think it’s time girl you quit defending him.”;

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The triple-threat star tweeted the video, writing: “Me and my girls just doin what we do…dancin! haha… Big thanks to @DustinTavella for making such a sick anthem! And to @ChaeLynne for her amazing choreography.”;

However, her choreographer Charity Lynne Baroni sent out a tweet that has since been deleted (viaE!), but is very telling. She wrote: “We danced tonight. It was awesome. Especially because we dedicated it to someone …and then ate Chinese food after.”;

What do you think? Was this a dance diss aimed at Bieber?

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