Thursday night’s episode of “Busy Tonight” was the show’s last, at least for now, and things got very emotional.

Host Busy Philipps had her best friends Linda Cardellini, Michelle Williams, Krista Miller, Whitney Cummings and Krista Carpenter on the show to help her say goodbye, and they each delivered a hilarious and emotional speech in their friend’s honour.

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But things got extra-emotional when Williams got up and delivered remarks straight from the heart.

“Tonight is actually opening night of my daughter’s school play. And what I said to her, ‘Listen, Aunt Biz needs me. Are you cool if I just come to the middle and the ending?’ She was like, ‘Mom, absolutely. Get on that plane,'” Williams said. “And then she said to me, ‘Mom, why are you guys such good friends? You’re so different.”

“I mean, does she work for Vanity Fair?!” Philipps joked.

Williams continued, “You’re just always there. And I don’t know how you do it because you look like you’re living a really fabulous life for yourself, but the truth is that you show up for all of us, all of the time. You are the most selfless person that I know and it’s taught me everything that I know about being a friend. So thank you for asking me to come here and be with you tonight.”

By the end of the speech, Philipps was completely in tears.

Also on the show, Philipps had a message for some of her other famous friends who appeared on “Busy Tonight”, as well as the ones who didn’t.

“Here’s the thing, guys. One of the greatest things you can do in life is show up,” she said. “In the last six months, you know this is just a tv show, but so many people have shown up for me. And there were some people who didn’t and they know who the f**k they are…and I will never forget.”

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On her penultimate show, Philipps also got some words of encouragement from David Letterman, who sent in a video message, which of course had her in tears in the end.