Billy Ray Cyrus, Chris Rock Join Lil Nas X In Epic Video For ‘Old Town Road’ — And Twitter Goes Wild

Fans can let out a collective “Yeehaw!” now that the highly anticipated video for “Old Town Road” has finally arrived.

Released on Friday at noon ET, the new video for the Lil Nas X country-trap crossover hit begins in 1889, with a trio of riders on horseback in pursuit of the rapper, dressed as a cowboy, as he rides a galloping stallion down Old Town Road while carrying a bag of stolen cash.

The men in pursuit come to a halt, with one of them revealed to be none other than Chris Rock. When asked why they stopped, Rock quips, “If you see a black man on a horse going that fast, you just gotta let him fly!”

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Lil Nas X and his compadre, Billy Ray Cyrus, finally arrive at a remote shack where they hope to hideout – except the gun-toting owner has other ideas, firing at the pair with a shotgun and sending the rapper scurrying into a nearby cave.

Mysteriously, he then falls from the sky and emerges back on Old Town Road – but this time in 2019, where he’s greeted with baffled looks by the incredulous residents, who are more than a little surprised to see a frontier cowboy riding a horse down their street.

Next, Lil Nas X picks up some fancy new cowboy duds and re-encounters a similarly attired Cyrus, with the pair interrupting a Bingo game at the town hall in order to take to the stage and finish off the song as line-dancing ensues.

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In addition to Rock and Cyrus, the video – directed by Calmatic – also features appearances by Haha Davis, Rico Nasty, Diplo, Jozzy, Young Kio and Vince Staples.

Judging by the response on Twitter, fans loved what they saw:

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