Pamela Anderson slammed bodyshamers and trolls in a series of Tweets on Thursday.

The 51-year-old Canadian star defended Ariel Winter in the rant, encouraging her to “stay strong” after the “Modern Family” star posted an array of tweets calling out anyone who’d commented on her appearance recently.

Anderson began: “This social media world is a playground for shamers. It takes no thought or time to hurt people. People are ‘un-evolving’ and less and less mature to think about or consider their swift and damaging remarks.”

The “Baywatch” favourite continued, “The damage is done in a typed message in a private space – a bedroom, bathroom basement, desk or train – who knows? And it takes only seconds. The bully on the playground is multiplied by thousands – there is little privacy – no parenting – no teaching in this area.”

“Unfortunately when you are in [the] public eye you are going to have people judge your every move… it’s quite a science to stay out of this.”

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Anderson concluded: “We all try to do the best we can. Beauty is on the inside. And the only thing that is not beautiful is to be caddy [sic], rude, jealous, knee jerk or bully someone. Stay strong @arielwinter1.”

Winter, who previously dressed up as Anderson for Halloween, is not one to keep quiet on social media and recently hit out at an Instagram user for saying she’d had plastic surgery.

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