Hayden Panettiere’s friends are “worried” about her relationship with Brian Hickerson, especially after his domestic violence arrest.

The pair have been linked for almost a year, and according to a source, her friends are now “more worried than ever.” “Hayden knows Brian has a bad temper and can be controlling, but there is an extreme attraction to it,” the insider told People. “And despite warnings from family and friends, the relationship seems solid.”

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Last month, Los Angeles Police Department confirmed Hickerson was arrested on a domestic violence charge. In another incident just months ago, the couple were reportedly involved in a drunken altercation with Hickerson’s dad.

“Brian’s reputation as a party boy is no secret in Hollywood,” the source continued. “Those close to Hayden are more worried than ever about this and his temper. But Hayden is taken with him. She thinks he is what she needs in her life now.” A second source told the outlet that Hickerson “has been a bad influence from the beginning.”

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Panettiere is hopeful, according to E! News, the legal encounter will serve as a turning point for Hickerson. The actress’ family is not so certain. “Hayden’s friends and family are not happy with the relationship,” the source told People. “She’s been acting more out of control since she’s been with him.”

Despite the arrest, Hickerson and the “Nashville” star were spotted out-and-out in Los Angeles last Thursday.