Nickelback may be one of the world’s biggest rock acts, yet the Canadian band continually finds itself the butt of jokes and derision that are strangely at odds with its mega-platinum success.

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One person who has had it with Nickelback-bashing is Avril Lavigne, and the estranged wife of the band’s front man Chad Kroeger let loose on Twitter to single out E! News and other outlets that ran stories about a poll that mocked the band, calling the articles “extremely rude and uncalled for.”;

// “Complicated”; singer then unleashed a Twitter barrage, reminding us about Nickelback’s 50 million albums sold and 17 #1 singles, telling those who mock the band to “grow up,”; insisting that “enough is enough!!! You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind.”;




Lavigne is not the only Canadian to come to the defense of Nickelback, with no less than Prime Minister Justin also offering a spirited defense of the band during a comedic interview with “The Daily Show”;.

Correspondent Hasan Minhaj is discussing the possibility of Syrian refugees sneaking over the Canada/U.S. border in order to carry out ISIS terror attacks as “the greatest Canadian terrorist threat since September 11, 2001 — the day Nickelback unleashed their breakthrough album Silverside Up on America. That’s a real fact, look it up.”;

In response, Trudeau states: “You know what? Nickelback’s alright.”; Watch — the exchange takes place at about the 7:20 mark: