“Teen Wolf” star Holland Roden faced issues with Brazilian officials in Sao Paulo.

Roden, 32, was entering the country for the 4U Experience convention when officials detained her at the border.

By Friday evening, the actress had been held for six hours already and claims that she has a valid visa to the country, even visiting twice this year so far.

Roden addressed the issue on Instagram saying that for two years she has been travelling to Brazil to give the “love back” to her “Teen Wolf family”.

She added, “I am taken aback by the accusations and the treatment that faced me from the Brazilian Police today. I am shocked that this is the same Brazil I know and love.”

Roden expressed her hope that she can make the convention on Saturday and doesn’t want to let anyone down.

“Some fans recognized us in the airport – I can only assume they spread the word when they saw me getting detained..not be given answers.. be dismissed..be screamed at..be refused a translator..food..and water for four hours.”


4U Experience was also working on getting Roden freed and said in a tweet that “after a fight with immigration, we got them to give her food and water” with the added hashtag #FreeHollandNow.

By the next day, Roden was finally released. “It was an ordeal, but I am so grateful to the MRE, US consulate, and especially Caroline and Adriana at LATAM airlines for separating from the pack and not only empathizing with our situation but actively pursuing a solution. This experience could have been far far worse, I consider myself invaluably lucky,” she wrote on Twitter.


Roden is set to go to the 4U Experience event from the airport where she will meet her fans.

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