The 1975 Frontman Matty Healy Blasts Lawmakers Behind Alabama Abortion Bill As ‘Misogynistic Wankers’

The 1975 performed at Alabama’s Hangout Fest on Friday night, and frontman Matty Healy had some words to share with the crowd about the state’s recently passed abortion ban after the so-called “hearbeat bill” was signed into law by Republican governor Kay Ivey.

“I was reading the abortion bill last night — I actually read the thing — it starts out by quoting the amount of Jews that died in the Holocaust and then it goes on to talk about the Rwandan Genocide, it talks about the Gulags, it talks about China, it talks about mass murder, right?” Healy told the crowd as he paced around the stage.

“There’s people — men — in the American government comparing the harrowing, difficult choices of female American citizens to the Holocaust! That is a disgrace!” he continued.

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“The reason I’m so angry is I don’t believe it’s about the preservation of life, it’s about controlling women. It’s not about that — you can hide behind that as much as you want and push your Christian narrative that sex is something to be ashamed of and therefore forcing women to have birth is some kind of — I don’t know — some good punishment for their moral indiscretion. You are a disgrace! You are not men of God! You are simply misogynistic wankers,” Healy added before the band began to play their track “Loving Someone.”

You can watch Healy’s onstage rant in its entirety courtesy of fan-shot video:

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