Halsey Hosts Twitter Conversation About Sex Workers: ‘I Support The Women Involved’

Halsey is trying to elevate the conversation about sex work on social media, and took to Twitter on Saturday in a lengthy back-and-forth with fans as she explained and defended a social media post in which she used the hashtag #supportsexworkers, admitting she has been “getting a lot of s**t” for her post.

“I notice every day that the conversation surrounding feminism is both bigger but more nuanced than ever with social media as a platform,” she wrote to her 10.9 million Twitter followers. “I try, and I hope you try, to be mindful of cultural and regional differences that complicate the conversation.”

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Answering questions posed to her and responding to others’ comments, Halsey tried to draw a clear distinction between those who choose sex work and those forced into it via trafficking.

In addition, she also called for sex work to be legalized and regulated in such a way as to provide the women involved with health care and other benefits.

“I always try to listen and educate myself, but I hope you keep this same energy with all your other favourite artists who have been to a strip club before and you’re not just attacking me because I said I support the women involved,” she concluded.

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You can read the entire thread right here:

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