Whitney Houston may be gone, but fans may soon be able to see her perform on stage once again.

The singer’s estate has unveiled “An Evening with Whitney: The Whitney Houston Hologram Tour”, kicking off Jan. 23, 2020 in Mexico, with more shows planned across Europe through the spring.

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Base Hologram
Base Hologram

“Whitney Houston was a talent beyond words, and her influence and artistry transcended all boundaries,” said Brian Becker, Chairman & CEO of BASE Entertainment and BASE Hologram. “What we are creating here is a new type of theatrical concert experience designed to capture that magic. When she performed there was an unmatched level of charisma and emotion to it – that’s what we are going to bring to audiences and it’s an honor to be able to help add to her legacy with this project.”

The tour will include a live band, back-up singers an dancers, performing digitally remastered arrangements of Houston’s classic hits.

“A hologram show is all about the imagination and creating a “wow factor” that extends to an incredible experience to enjoy for years to come,” said Pat Houston, Whitney’s sister-in-law and former manager. “Whitney is not with us but her music will live with us forever.

Earlier this year The New York Times reported that the late singer’s estate is planning a number of potential projects along with the hologram tour.

“Everything is about timing for me,” said Houston’s sister-in-law and former manager Pat Houston. “It’s been quite emotional for the past seven years. But now it’s about being strategic.”

Houston passed away in 2012 at the age of 48.

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Other potential ventures in the works include an album of previously unreleased tracks and a Broadway musical.

“Before she passed, there was so much negativity around the name; it wasn’t about the music anymore,” Pat said. “People had forgotten how great she was. They let all the personal things about her life outweigh why they fell in love with her in the first place.”

A Houston hologram tour would not be the first for a deceased singer. Frank Zappa, Ronnie James Diorites and Roy Orbison have been the subject of similar tours in recent years.