Josh Duhamel, Not So Mr. Nice Guy!

Josh Duhamel could very well be the nicest person in Hollywood. Onscreen and off he’s always charming and approachable, so seeing him in his latest role will be quite a surprise. His movie Scenic Route might sound like another romcom, yet it’s anything but!

The film is about two buddies on a road trip. They get stranded in the desert after their truck breaks down. With no food or water, it becomes a violent and bloody test of survival.

“They get pretty vicious with each other,”; Josh tells ET Canada while promoting the film at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. “It becomes a real life or death situation.”;

He says the dark material really drew him in: “I think I needed to do something like this, to kind of shake it up, because I’d never really been that daring.”;

In the movie Josh also shows off a daring new “do – a Mohawk! “It was something I had always wanted to do and what better opportunity than to do it for a movie,”; he reveals.

And lucky for Josh, his rock star wife Fergie loved his look! “I wasn’t sure what she was going to make of it but I tell you man, she loved it… I got laid that night, put it that way,”; Josh laughs.

Well, no big surprise, the couple is expecting their first child! But Josh admits Scenic Route won’t be priority viewing for any Duhamel children: “No ,this will not be the first film that my kids see me in.”;

Now that he’s going to become a dad Josh says he’ll consider how his career choices can impact his family: “I think I’ll always keep in mind the things that I choose will have some sort of a bearing on my kids, but I’ll also make sure that they understand that this isn’t real life. These are just characters that I’m playing.”;

For more of our interview with Josh, watch ET Canada tonight!

~ By Kim Gonsalves



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