Robert De Niro’s latest outburst about U.S. President Donald Trump occurred during the American Icon Awards.

Hand De Niro a microphone and chances are you will hear the word “Trump”. The “Goodfellas” actor targeted the President of the United States while presenting Al Pacino with an Icon Award during Sunday’s ceremony.

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“You didn’t think you were going to completely get away with it without a “f**k Trump” moment, did you?” De Niro told a cheering audience.

De Niro found a way to compliment Pacino and criticize Trump at the same time. “The progressives at the American Icon Awards call it the Tribute To Individuals Who Lead America. Not so fast,” he said. “Evander Holyfield, my friend Quincy Jones and my life long compatriot Al Pacino don’t lead America. Maybe they should, but they do fill their own essential roles.”

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“People with great individual accomplishments who give us examples to look up at. They’ve earned our respect and admiration, and they deserve this tribute,” he continued. “On the other hand, the individual who currently purports to lead America is not worthy of any tribute,” he said along to a mixture of cheers and jeers.

“Unless you think of this impeachment and imprisonment as a sort of tribute,” De Niro concluded. “Now that’s how you make America great again.”