Will Smith can still “Get Jiggy Wit It”!

The actor appears on Tuesday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, where he puts on an epic impromptu performance of his ‘90s hit, even getting the audience involved.

Smith jokes as the song comes to an end, “Thanks a lot Ellen, it’s been great. That’s all we’ve got time for!”

DeGeneres then quizzes Smith, who has been busy promoting the new “Aladdin” movie, about persuading his wife Jada to do a skydive for his 50th birthday.

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Smith insists, “She was like ‘I’ll do anything you want for your 50th birthday,'” but admits she hated every second.

DeGeneres also confronts the star about his fear of mice, with her tricking him into thinking she has a live mouse in the studio.

Smith warns, “You’re about to get your whole show tore up! Ellen stop playing.”

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Watch Smith talk about playing the Genie, as well as take part in a game of “Rub My Lamp” with his “Aladdin” co-stars in the clips below.