Justin Bieber Launches His Own All-Natural Deodorant, Here + Now

Beliebers will soon have the opportunity to have the same fresh-smelling armpits as Justin Bieber himself when the Canadian pop phenom introduces his very own line of underarm deodorant.

The new product, a collaboration between Bieber, 25, and deodorant-maker Schmidt’s, will be all-natural, and will be called Here + Now.

“The time was right to make something happen and bring to life an exclusive product collaboration that will bring new fans into the naturals category,” Schmidt’s CEO and co-founder Michael Cammarata tells People. “If Justin can make the switch from conventional to natural, it’s a choice that’s open to everyone.”

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According to Cammarata, Here + Now is “more than just a deodorant; it’s a lifestyle and a connection to those around you. It’s about the small, but intentional choices we make every day that help us to lead happier and healthier lives, mentally and physically. 

Bieber announced the fresh-smelling new collaboration on Instagram, alongside a shirtless photo of himself prominently displaying his pits.

“Our R&D and creative teams have worked closely with Justin and his team to bring his vision to life,” Cammarata continued. “They’ve been involved every step of the way, which has made for a really fun and collaborative process. It’s important to us that he and his team, and therefore his fans, love it just as much as we do.”

As Cammarata explains, the deodorant has far loftier goals than keeping people smelling good.

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“We want to inspire a conversation around health, wellness and optimism for the future,” he said. “It’s a means to talk about the issues that we all face day to day and how we can support each other in our collective journey to live our best lives.”

Look for The Biebs’ Here + Now to launch in fall 2019.

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