Halsey paid for a fan’s speeding ticket this week after cops pulled her over while she was listening to the singer’s new song “Nightmare”.

The fan in question posted Tuesday: “Confession: Driving home from Penn State I got pulled over/given a ticket for the first time ever and when asked why I was going 99 in a 70 I was ~dangerously~ close to admitting I was bangin out to @halsey’s new song ‘Nightmare’.”

Halsey then replied, “What’s your Venmo? I’ll pay your ticket. DRIVE SAFELY PLEASE!!!!”

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The fan later proved the musician meant what she said as she wired her $250.

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Of course, this then sparked a social media frenzy with Twitter users coming up with all sorts of excuses to try and get Halsey to cough up some cash.

See some of the posts below.