Will Smith is completely supportive of his wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s show “Red Table Talk”, but he admits some of the topics are outside his comfort zone.

The two time Oscar-nominated best actor talked about his wife’s Facebook show on Tuesday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” On the most recent episode of “Red Table Talk”, Pinkett Smith told the couple’s daughter Willow about her “unhealthy relationship” with porn.

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“I know!” Smith exclaimed. “It’s all bad… they be telling all our business,” he teased. “They telling all our business.” In reality, the 50-year-old actor has nothing but love for his wife’s endeavours.

“It’s actually fantastic, the episodes I could bear,” he said. “And they sit down for this really wide open, raw conversation across the generations.”

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Smith touched on his son Jaden’s plans to wear a white Batman suit to prom. It turns out, his date’s parents called Smith and his wife to convince Jaden otherwise. “So I tried to talk to him,” Smith told Kimmel. “Jaden man, it’s the girl’s day. You can’t wear a Batman suit to the girl’s prom, man.” Jaden compromised and wore a tie.

The “Pursuit of Happiness” star also talked about his role as the Genie in Disney’s upcoming live-action adaptation of “Aladdin”. I’m addition, Smith dishes on his meeting with the Crown Prince of Jordan.