Tom Hanks Teases ‘Emotional’ Ending To ‘Toy Story 4’ On ‘Ellen’

Tom Hanks talks all things “Toy Story 4” during an appearance on Wednesday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

Hanks, who voices Woody in the much-loved films, admits his onscreen partner in crime, Tim Allen, warned him that the final scenes in the latest flick were pretty emotional.

Hanks shares of the franchise, which has been going for 25 years: “It’s [one] of the most rewarding things I can imagine being a part of because it has just gone on for so long.”

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“This is the end of the series and I’d got some texts from Tim Allen, who plays Buzz Lightyear the “astronaut,” and these texts were saying ‘Have you recorded yet? Have you had a session yet?'”

“I said ‘No, not yet.’ [He said] ‘You haven’t seen those last pages?’ ‘Wait until you see those last pages, tough one, tough one.”

Hanks confirms the final scenes are emotional because he has to say goodbye to all of the characters.

As DeGeneres points out, this is the end, Hanks questions: “Is it over? I don’t know, it’ll live forever.”

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Hanks also explains how he was recently denied beer at Stagecoach Music Festival because he wasn’t properly verified. He then reveals all in a game of DeGeneres’ “Burning Questions”.

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